Legal Michigan Online Poker

Good news Michigan residents! You too can play online poker for money even though Michigan's poker laws are behind the times of states like Nevada, and New Jersey which have already regulated the industry. No longer do you have to go on the reservation or brave the elements to play the game you love so much... it's only a few mouse clicks away, a few key-strokes, and BOOM, you're playing poker online.

Ready to get the rest of the scoop? That's why is here. If you stay with us, we're going to go through some hot topics as it relates to the legality of playing online, and we're also going to show you which online poker sites accept Michigan players. All this is geared to help you know the laws better and join a poker room that won't leave you scratching your head as several did years ago on poker's Black Friday.

With no time to waste, let's jump right in with the question of the hour... Is It Legal?!?!?

Is Online Poker Legal In Michigan?

As you can read more about this below, Michigan used to have a stringent policy against online gaming, poker included. That law didn't last long as the state repealed the legislation thus leaving no mention of Internet poker, casino games, bingo, etc. in their state's statutes.

Normally, it would be safe to assume that it is legal, at the very least safe, to play poker online in a state if it never made any mention of playing on the web in the first place. But since Michigan used to specifically target Internet gaming and removed that language, it's fairly obvious that it's not illegal to play online and it's likely that Michigan will soon make the push to regulate and formally endorse the activity in the near future.

Legal Online Poker Sites For Michigan Residents

But with online poker being un-regulated, where should Michigan residents play? They can't join the legal poker sites in the regulated states (yet), so where should they turn?

Immediately following this section are our recommendations for the best Michigan accepted poker sites. Each of these sites are reputable, trusted, and have financial options that can work no matter what your funding situation currently is. makes it a point to only suggest sites that we have used and regularly play at, with money, to ensure that residents get all they bargained for. All these online poker sites for USA players are free to try, please have a look:

Bovada Poker - All Residents That Meet Michigan Gambling Age Welcome To Play

One of the nice things that Michigan online poker players can take advantage of at Bovada is the bonus that comes along with making your first deposit there. This is because it rewards the players who play more and deposit more. Once applied, bonus is essentially earned through good play. As for that bonus, it can be worth up to $1,000 via a 100% match when making the initial transfer in your Bovada account.

To turn that bonus into cash, Bovada has a lot of great poker games that are sure to draw your interest. As usual you can find Texas Hold'em + Omaha, but this poker room also has 7 Card Stud as well as Hi/Lo variations of most. Multi-table tournaments, Sit N Go's, heads up matches, or the ring games are all at your fingertips any time you want to play. Click here if you want to create an account at Bovada.

SportsBetting Poker - Reload Bonuses For Life Of Account Good To $900 Each Deposit

We can guarantee you this. Playing poker at is not something that you will wish you didn't do, when it comes to the quality of service and opportunities that you get as an account holder there. SportsBetting Poker is known for treating all of their players fantastic, and if you live in Michigan that will certainly be the case. provides a legal online poker site for those who meet the requirements in Michigan to play, most notably the age to do so. Provided that Michigan residents who sign up for an account meet this requirement, all options offered on site will be available. Tables, tournaments, big bonuses, and more are all featured.

BetOnline Poker - Easy Deposit Options That Include VISA, AmEx + MasterCard

Real cash games, whether they are tournaments featured or tables that players can join are all available for online poker players in Michigan. Legal for and accepted by BetOnline, Michigan residents have a great poker room option to take advantage of.

There are other less glamorous parts to an online poker room, but every bit as important to ensure the smooth transaction between player and room. Here is where BetOnline does a great job as well. Such things like depositing into an account, and the choices that a Michigan player can do are important. BetOnline goes to great lengths with their cashier department to offer options, as well as with their customer service center to answer important questions from future and current players.

Find Out More About Michigan Online Poker Legality

Still have reservations about whether or not it is safe for you to play online? That's ok, it's only natural to be concerned. For this reason, peruse info about the online poker laws in Michigan plus read about the push to get online poker regulated within the state.

Michigan Online Poker Laws

In 1999, Michigan adopted the extremely anti-online gaming law SB 562. This new section of Michigan law expressly outlawed using the Internet to violate any of the provisions of Michigan's anti-gambling laws contained in SB 750.301 through 750.306 and 750.311. That meant no online poker, no online gaming of any sort in the state's borders without potentially facing a gambling conviction. Then, in 2000, Michigan adopted Public Act 185 which repealed the language about the Internet. That means that Michigan has no law against using the Internet to make, offer, or accept bets of any kind over the Internet, except for sports bets, which are covered under federal law.

What this means for online poker play in Michigan is that you aren't in danger of being prosecuted by any Michigan law or any federal law. As long as you trust the poker site you do business with and find a payment transfer method that's compatible with the UIGEA of 2006, you are in no danger of having your account seized or being prosecuted for gambling in the state of Michigan. Will Michigan join the ranks of other states hoping to license and regulate their own poker sites? Michigan has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and the state budget is in shambles. Surely the increased tax revenue from online poker regulation would help.

Online Poker Regulation In Michigan

There is currently no legislation that is at the front of online poker for the state of Michigan. There appears to be no future plans in the coming months do so either. Having said that though, with the push generated from other states around the U.S., it is entirely possible that Michigan could eventually seek to legalize poker on the Internet, as well as other online gaming at some point down the road.

This would likely stem from possible future federal legislation that would create legal ways for states to regulate online gaming sites legally. There is a current bill on Capitol Hill calling for the legalization and regulation of online gambling across the United States. Aside from this, which is in its infancy, it's really been up to the states who want to pursue it or not.

The geographic region surrounding Michigan has, on the whole, been relatively quiet when it comes to the online poker debate. Whereas regions like the Northeast and West are leading the Charge (New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada), not much has happened in Michigan or the area around it. Though there are certainly some benefits that could be brought to the table with Internet poker regulation. For now, Michigan appears in the backseat. Though Michigan residents who want to play online poker still can, just at offshore sites accepting them.

Is Land Based Poker Legal in Michigan?

For Michigan residents who are fans of poker, there is good news on the horizon.  While games of poker for money are not completely legalized in their home state, Michigan players are able to find several legal outlets for playing poker for not only big fun, but big winnings.

Even though there are steep legal fees for establishing a poker room that rakes in a profit without a license, there are several facilities around the state that are both licensed to operate for-profit poker games and open to the public.

Just as with most of the 50 states in the union, Michigan does not offer up steep penalties to those who merely play poker, but only those who may profit from a poker game.  This means that even though a resident of Michigan can be arrested and face steep legal penalties for hosting illicit poker games, there are no legal ramifications associated with the mere participation in poker games.

This means that in addition authorized poker rooms, the state of Michigan has nothing against private home games played amongst friends, provided that the host of the game is not collecting any profits for merely hosting the game.  Like alcohol and tobacco, the state of Michigan’s respects its resident’s rights to participate discretionally, the state simply wishes to hold onto some regulation to assure it is being used responsibly without putting too many of its citizens at risk.

Where to Play Poker in Michigan

In the great Lake state, there are a few poker rooms open to Michigan residents within the grounds of Native American reservations.  There is some good and bad news associated with this.  The good news is that these poker rooms are in fact open to the public, and residents may show up at any time to participate in poker tournaments ranging from as low as a $13 buy-in mainly for recreation all the way up to $120 to play hands for some serious profit.

The bad news is that obviously, since these legal poker rooms must be within the grounds of reservations, they may be a bit far to make it convenient for most players in Michigan to make it out for tournament action.

As an alternative, those in Michigan with an interest in poker may always set up a home game.  This can provide a more open and customizable game amongst friends, but will probably not offer up the best options for earning profits.

However, a game amongst friends can be a lot of fun and is perfectly within a residents rights as long as they abide by one simple rule: the hose of the game MAY NOT collect a “rake.”  Rake is a term poker rooms use for the percentage of every pot they take as a profit to their establishment.  As soon a private poker game takes profits, they are considered an illegally run poker room, and will be susceptible to punishment by the law.

If one prefers to play poker face to face, there are certainly some options for Michigan residents as long as they know their rights and the boundaries of the law and can step within those bounds.

Note: The above was not written by a bar certified lawyer in Michigan and does not constitute legal advice in any way, shape, or form. For more questions about Michigan law + playing poker, please consult a professional.